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1. Name and scene name:lincoln w hazelton
2. Are you literally from Amesbury? yes
3. How many shows have you gone to in the past 5 days?i played in a show within the past 5 days

Moment of Truth:
1. What do you drive? i dont drive
2. How many pins are on your shirt right now? none
3. Describe your haircut: long
4. Do you say words like "rad" or "rich"? rad
4. Music? i listen to a variety of music
5. Products used daily: shampoo
6. Where do you shop? walmart
7. Beverage of Choice? vanilla coke, vw
8. What size sweatshirt do you wear?too small
9. Sketch? i was in one of those
10. a. Do you know one of the members of an Amesbury scene band? i am that guy
b. Do they know you? pretty well
c. Do you make out with them? no but meany girls do
d. Are you a band member? yes
11. What is the B.O.H.? bottom of the hill
12. Burn run or bakie? br
13. Best thing/things you know about Amesbury: the old lady at cumbies
14.Do you actually believe that there is a scene in Amesbury? yes
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