wes (andres_perez) wrote in amesbury_scene,

let me in your community

1. Name and scene name:Tim
2. Are you literally from Amesbury? hell yeah
3. How many shows have you gone to in the past 5 days? none

Moment of Truth:
1. What do you drive? when i get my lincecne a ford escort, white, white power
2. How many pins are on your shirt right now? none
3. Describe your haircut: like a girl's
4. Do you say words like "rad" or "rich"? naw
4. Music? screamo hardcore emo
5. Products used daily: soap
6. Where do you shop? wal mart
7. Beverage of Choice? stop and shop tap water
8. What size sweatshirt do you wear? little boys large
9. Sketch? very sketch
10. a. Do you know one of the members of an Amesbury scene band? many
b. Do they know you? yeah
c. Do you make out with them? thats kinda gay
d. Are you a band member? yeah
11. What is the B.O.H.? bottom of the hill
12. Burn run or bakie? ill pass
13. Best thing/things you know about Amesbury: saint james church
14.Do you actually believe that there is a scene in Amesbury? i think we all beleive there is a scene in amesbury, every one of us

more reasons why im scene
i have girls pants, i have a demin jacket, ive played a show at saint james, i have a HUGE carribeener, reebok shoes, ex skater, been to an in mourning show, been to almost all falling abel shows, most of all i live in amesbury
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