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Sketch Core

Amesbury Scene will Fuck you up

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we are the amesbury "scene"
In other words, we rock harder than you.
To apply, post a picture and fill out this baby,

1. Name and scene name:
2. Are you literally from Amesbury?
3. How many shows have you gone to in the past 5 days?

Moment of Truth:
1. What do you drive?
2. How many pins are on your shirt right now?
3. Describe your haircut:
4. Do you say words like "rad" or "rich"?
4. Music?
5. Products used daily:
6. Where do you shop?
7. Beverage of Choice?
8. What size sweatshirt do you wear?
9. Sketch?
10. a. Do you know one of the members of an Amesbury scene band?
b. Do they know you?
c. Do you make out with them?
d. Are you a band member?
11. What is the B.O.H.?
12. Burn run or bakie?
13. Best thing/things you know about Amesbury:
14.Do you actually believe that there is a scene in Amesbury?

when done email to amesbury_scene@msn.com
aim, amesbury indians, andyman, aviator glasses, band tee shirts, barnard school kids, beepsters, black hair, brianna, burn run road, burnt cds, carabeeners, channel 12, chill, color day, converse allstars, drama, falling abel, flatbread, frisbee golf, gauged ears, generations of last names, grenade, h&m, jade 3, last of the octomen, lj, millyard, nalgene water bottles, old messanger bags, outkast, pencils, picnics, pizza factory, purple heart, salvation army, show flyers, sketch, st james, tanyas is gay, that rocks dood, the roost, the sex, the space, tom, town hall, unibomber look, woodsom farm, xxx